Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summer Hours

My office instituted new summer hours for us to work this week where we can get off at noon on Fridays. We have to work 40 hours (specifically from 8:30 - 4:30). But we can make up the remainder of the 40 hours in any way that we want to as long as we meet 40 hours. Some employees are working from from 7am - 5pm or from 8am - 6pm on Mon-Thurs and 7-12 on Fri. Now, I really would like to get off at noon on Fridays. This would make for a longer weekend or give me an opportunity to go up to Nashville to see the kids earlier on Friday. But boy is it hard for me to get up and going to get to work by 7! For those of you who know me, I am definitely a "night-owl" and love to stay up til 1 or 2 am each night. (I do my best work then). But no can do, if I have to get to work by 7!!!! Andy loves this as he is really a morning person and he likes having me get up early with him. He likes to chatter away and talk about everything under the sun early in the morning. I don't like to open my mouth except to brush my teeth!!@!!&##!!!! We'll see how this goes.....Anyway, I decided I would like to share little tidbits about my family history, experiences, relatives,etc. here in each blog. I figure this might be a good way to help my family remember all these things about our relatives. So, here goes....My paternal grandmother was my favorite person in the whole world. She was just the most wonderful grandmother anyone could ever have and I still find myself thinking about her and things that she did and that she taught me everyday. She died when my kids were still babies, so they never really got a chance to know her. But I have always tried to tell them wonderful stories about her so they will always know her. First of all, her name was Tollie Maddox Hankins Hankins....yes, I know that is wierd, but she and my grandfather were distant cousins. (You know we do things like that here in Alabama!!!) Actually, they were about 12th cousins so that really doesn't count (much???). She was the 5th child out of 7 and the 4th daughter. Her father was so disappointed when she was born another girl, that he refused to think of a special name for her and said, "Let's just name her Tollie, after the mule!" And Tollie it was. This name just fit her to a T however. It just seems like a name for a happy-go-lucky, funny and fun-loving person and that she certainly was. Always smiling and full of a little mischief, everyone loved to be around Tollie (and me most of all!) I love you Grandmother and miss you so much!!! I am trying to be just like you were as a grandmother to Collin and Annie Frances. Well, since the rooster will crow in just a few hours for me, I better try and go to sleep. Andy tells me to just lie still and I will be able to sleep. Yeah, right! His mother use to tell him and his brother and sister that when they went to visit his aunt in Florida who did not have air conditioning. They nearly smothered to death trying to sleep at night, but Pat would tell them to just "lie still" and they wouldn't be hot!!!! That just doesn't work either for a menopausal 55 year old!!!! Wish me luck at sleeping.Toodles and God bless.....
by Dixie Di
9:03:00 PM
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