Sunday, May 20, 2007

What a great weekend!

This has been a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Lately our lives have been going 90 to nothing and we have had trouble catching up with ourselves. Don't get me wrong, I function best at the fast pace but every now and then, I need a little slow down and do nothing. That is basically what Andy and I did this weekend. First of all, we found out that Andy got the job at UAH as assistant basketball coach so we had to celebrate on Friday evening a little. Now a big night for us is a blooming onion and the Special with a glass of ice tea at the Outback! I know, you're jealous! So we ran down there ate and were back home and watching tv by 7:30. I told you, we really know how to do it up big!!!!
Saturday was slow paced and relaxing too. Andy worked in the yard and I sewed. Andy watches his sports on his tv downstairs and I sit on the screened in porch and smock and watch the Food Network and listen to the new baby birds in the tree right outside the porch. Now it just doesn't get any better than this. I just can't tell you how much I love my screen porch! I wait all winter to get out there and when the weather gets warm enough, I stay out there as long each day as I can.
Our dog barked all night last night, so I didn't sleep too well. I stayed home and slept in while Andy went to church. I feel guilty, but I sure did need the sleep. We repeated our usual again today...Andy on coach downstairs and me on the screened in porch. The weather was just right to be outside, not too hot, but a really beautiful day. We cooked out tonight and ate on the deck.
Now we just haven't been this lazy and non-stressed in I don't know when. Just a real good weekend. This was good cause next week starts to really get busy again. I leave in less than 1 month for my big show in Arlington, TX and I'm not ready yet. Still lots to do. I will be working overtime for the next couple of weeks.
Plus all the things I want to get down for Royal Southern Baby. I designed a couple new outfits this weekend for Annie Frances that I plan to include on the website. Erin and the babies are coming on Thursday so we can have their pictures made in their Easter outfits for Sew Beautiful. Can't wait to see those little punkins! I talked to Collin this weekend and he asked me to go with him to the grocery store to see the lobsters. I think he thinks I'm just around the corner! We'll go see them when he comes to Huntsville this week.
Well, since I only got about 3 hours sleep last night, I better get some shut eye before Hank starts barking again. The moon was out last night and he could see things in the woods, so he decided to do his guard dog duty!!!!

Toodles!!!! and God bless you!

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