Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back to Posting....

I can't believe it but it has almost been one year since I last entered a post to my blog. Lots of water has passed under my bridge this past year. I am now officially working from home for myself and Royal Southern Baby. So much has happened this year and it has all been challenging but exciting and wonderful. Erin has helped me so much with the business and we are growing by leaps and bounds everyday. Our website, is getting hits and I am getting many wonderful calls and orders for my designs. Erin has been handling much of the marketing for the business, but recently she learned how to do shadow work embroidery. I think she really loves it and she has a real talent for it. Her work is incredible. Tiny, precise stitches. I know our clients are truly going to love her work on their garments.

We have done a couple of Junior League markets and several home trunk shows. We have a real exciting trunk show coming up in Atlanta next month with all of Erin's old Atlanta friends. We can't wait to see them all and will bring lots of pretties for them all to see.

The summer will keep us busy traveling and getting ready for the holiday markets in October and November. We are working night and day right now on all the Holiday collection and will begin taking orders for Holiday garments next month.

We have also been asked to do a photo layout of Annie Francis' nursery for Sew Beautiful magazine this next month. We will have to "spit-shine" her room to get ready for the photos. I will add pictures as soon as we get these back.

My precious grandchildren are my creative stimulation and my complete joy. Collin is now 3-1/2 years old, smart and beautiful, of course. He just cracks us all up with his cute little remarks. You can't get anything past this boy. Annie Francis is 17 months old and absolutely full of herself. She is beautiful, witty, cunning and busier than Collin every was at this age. We absolutely can't stop her. She goes full steam ahead all day long and then crashes soundly in her bed to sleep at night. (Collin still does not like to go to sleep). I know, I am a totally biased grandmother, but they are two of the smartest and cutest kids I've ever seen.

I'm still rocking and sewing daily on my screened in porch and the honeysuckle is smelling sweeter this year than ever. We have had many thunder storms and lots of rain these past few weeks and I think it has totally invigorated these vines. The aroma is almost smothering on these late spring evenings. I have a mama and daddy sparrow that have built a nest in my fern on the porch. The cats are going crazy watching them dart in and out. I know this may sound dull to some of you, but I thank my heavenly Father daily for this sweet slow pace of my life out on the porch. It is fuel to my soul and my creativity for my business.

But alas, it is springtime and this year's basketball season is over. Once again, we await to see if Andy is going to change jobs and thus we might be moving. This is always going to be the life of a basketball coach and especially when you coach in college. I will miss my porch and yard, but if God chooses a new life for us somewhere else, I will find another porch.

Hope to post some pictures on my next post. Have lots of beautiful new designs to share.

Keep the faith!

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