Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ode to Kenmore

Last night was a sad night. My 29 year old, (yes, I said 29 year's old) Kenmore dryer finally cranked out it's last load of clothes. If this is not a testament to Kenmore appliances, I don't know what is!!!! I got this dryer when Erin was 3 years old and she is 32 now. It has been an incredible appliance. We have had to have the belt replaced once or twice, the element replaced years ago, and the timer control that turns the dryer off when the timer is up has been broken for about the last 10 years. We treated the dryer with great regard and would go down and open the door to turn it off when the clothes were dry.

Last year the little catch that holds the door shut broke. My son in law rigged me up with a big bungee cord to hold the door shut. Then the dryer was back in business. Matthew then looked up on the internet and found that little part for the door and replaced it. That gave us another year of use. But last night, after drying 1 load of clothes, it ran and ran, but never warmed up to dry the clothes. I knew the element was once again burned out. I checked with Kenmore today, but unfortunately, they do not make this part for this model anymore and cannot fix it. So, we will finally have to purchase a new dryer and I guess we will have a departing ceremony as this one is hauled off to it's final resting place. I hate to add to the landfill with something that has been in our home for 29 years, but we don't have a choice. I am really consciously thinking "Green" now with everything I do. I guess I could research what the appropriate "Green" thing would be to do with the dryer first. Anyone have any suggestions? Now I will have to start researching new dryers and what we want to get. I'll say this however, it's definitely going to be a KENMORE!

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