Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Off to Nashville

I'm heading out on a road trip to Nashville in the morning. It has been 9 whole days since I last saw the grandkids, so I gotta go get my fix. And, after all, Collin asked his Mommy tonight at dinner, "when am I gonna get to see my Nana again?" Well, you just can't let a request like that go by and also Annie Francis has learned about 4 new words this week. I just gotta go hear her! The kids gave me a computer video camera for Mother's Day so that I can hook up with them and see the kids on my computer and they can see me. It's great, but if just doesn't beat the real thing!

Andy and I would really love to move to Nashville. Don't know exactly how the son-in-law would feel about having us that close all the time, but we love the city and of course would love to be near the kids. I'm sure we would want to be back here in Huntsvegas when Drew and Lindsey have a family though. I'm just lucky to be able to take off anytime I want to and go see them now.

I will mix the visit with a little business and work with one of my seamstresse while I am up there. We are busy getting ready with our Holiday collection for Royal Southern Baby and I have many things to give to her to finish. Erin and I will be doing a "trunk show" in Atlanta on June 6th at one of her friend's house. We are really looking forward to it as Erin will be able to catch up with a lot of her Atlanta friends. We will do this trunk show and one more in June and then we will have to get ready for the Junior League Christmas show in Nashville in November. This was a great show for us last year and we are looking forward to promoting Royal Southern Baby there again.

The weather has been wonderful here this week. Very mild, sunny days. A couple of little showers, but for the most part it has been beautiful. Andy and I have eaten on the screen porch every night and then watched our favorite show, Bill O'Reilly, and scoped out the political mess we are in. I don't know if anyone else feels the way that I do, but if I was prone to anxiety attacks, I almost feel like having one given the political and economic future of our country. As if this is no secret, I am somewhat outspoken about my views and feelings on anything you would like to get me stirred up on, but why can't these crazy liberals see what a mess they are getting us into? I just hate that our wonderful country is so blasphemed by the awful media, (not FOX) and that many poor, uneducated people are totally taken in by their spins! Don't they see that all the money we could use for gas, schools and education, poverty, etc is being shoved into the Democratic cesspool? Anyway, I'm getting way off track....

I have a huge Angel Wing begonia growing on the screened in porch. It is on the top shelf of the etergie out there and some little birds have decided to turn it into a nest. They have a little space in the top of the gable of the porch that they sneak in and bring small pieces of pine straw to build the nest. Arthur and Guthrie, the cats, are going crazy watching them. Tails twitching and ears are perked up as they think they might catch one. I think I am going to have to move the plant out onto the deck however. If baby birds hatch out there, I don't know how they will ever learn to fly and get out of the porch. I need to look up on the internet and see if the mama and daddy bird will come back to it once I move the plant. Anyone know? I guess I will leave it till I get back on Friday.

I have to come home and get ready for our big Memorial Day weekend...more sitting in the wicker rockers on the porch while I sew, watching Bill O'Reilly and checking out the little birds. Boy, are we boring, but peaceful and happy. I feel guilty with all the tragedy going on in China and Burma everyday. My heart breaks for all those parents of the children trapped under the schools. I pray for God to have mercy on them all. I give thanks for all our blessings and for living here in the United States.

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